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Default Re: Just starting out, but addicted already!

Oh right, I almost forgot lol

In the instructions is says that grinding the clutch cover's mounting tabs and reversing the fasteners so the nuts are accessible from the outside is optional... I don't think it is as removing the clutch cover for routine maintenance is somewhat important and if you don't do this small modification you'll find it necessary to remove the engine and disassemble the shiftkit every time you wish to add a little grease to the gears under the cover or w/e... I also think that bit in the instructions is left over from an earlier shiftkit design as there's now an additional small bracket & fastener that gets in the way with the unmodified method;

It's easy enough to do this beforehand... but I missed the importance at first and had to take it all back apart to redo it properly - I figured I'd save you that particular lil mistake o'mine
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