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Default Re: Squeal in Front Chain Sprocket

Originally Posted by Wheel Rush View Post
I realize it's Sunday night and it's 11 pm so while I'm getting my greasy finger prints all over my key board, I really don't expect to much, but I'll be on it till I get it fixed.

Now the, "clutch cable holder", has got to be the first stop from the clutch lever on the handle bars to the engine, if so your saying (Bike Guy 31), unbolt and squirt the oil in here?

If so OK no problem, I have 3in1, and the Sunoco, air-water oil I use in the gas mix, other than that I have some Multi Purpose heavy Duty Lithium grease.

Now about the clutch lever post that slides out of the center nut holding in the small chain sprocket, should that be lubed, and or the nut and what is behind it ?

Yes, on the top of the gearcase, where the cable housing ends and the cable comes out and is hooked to the clutch arm. Remove the lock nut, and holder. There will be a hole you can see down inside the engine....put some gear lube, motor oil or spray some chain lube down there.

What I was saying before was if you remove the chain, and move the bike, does the sqealing stop, or can you still hear it? (indicating a wheel bearing or other problem.) If you remove the chain and the spark plug and turn the small sprocket by hand, can you hear any noise? (indicating a bearing or shaft problem.)

As for the rod/ball, spray some carb or brake cleaner where you saw the metal dust and the ball should just fall out when you tip the bike onto it's side. Oil all of those parts and re-assemble.
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