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Default Re: Poll: price vs. availability

if i wait even longer can i have free parts?

what a lot of people don't seem to get, is that you're a small shop, making quality parts no one else has, unlike dozens of factories in china flooding the market with cheap crap. need a new wheel? there's 10 online "bike stores" that can ship today. just point and click, paypal it, and it's at your front door a few days later.

i used to get custom parts made for my autocross car that were relatively cheap, yet took a while to get, and i was satisfied with that, as long as i knew i was getting them, and not having pieces on their shelves waiting for the welder's hangover to wear off.

i also remember the days when i needed a part i had to scour catalogs, junkyards, make numerous phone calls, and was unable to rely on the comfort and warmth of my computer monitor and actually drive around all over town to ten different shops looking for something as simple as a jet for a weber carb...

to sum it up, an increase in price with a decrease in time sounds like a great idea to me, but i'm sure a lot of people will b!tch about it, because they still think it's a "cheap and simple" hobby.

i get so many people wanting a bike from me, but when they find out how much i'd charge (which is a heck of a lot less than what it's worth) they always bring up how cheap a bike on craig'slist is, or that their buddy built a bike for 300 bucks... and the thing is, there's a reason they're so cheap. it's because they're junk.

i vote for whatever works for you, jim.
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