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Default Re: Looking to buy the new M/M head...

Originally Posted by Venice Motor Bikes View Post
Hey Jim, I posted this in another thread about your new heads... I'll ask here too...

It's my understanding that the PK-80s need to have two head gaskets to keep the piston from hitting the stock head, right?
When you made these heads, did you make them so that they only need one gasket instead of two?,
& what happens if someone trys to bolt one of these on a engine other than a PK-80??? (will the compression be too low?)
Sorry I didn't answer your question in the other thread Norm.

The PK-80's are assembled with 2 head gaskets. I'm not sure what the thinking was with that, but it is totally unnecessary.

Yes you are absolutely right about compression and other engines. Some engines do have a flat top piston and the billet head that I make would actually result in reduced performance for these engines.

I'm certain that there are other engines that will benefit from the correct chamber design that is machined into the billet heads. In summary, the deck height should be close to zero, and the piston should be crowned. The deck height should be checked on the diameter of the piston not the crown. The crown should be above the jug surface.

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