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Default Re: Poll: price vs. availability

Well, Jim I voted "I want my parts fast...I don't mind paying extra." and the reason is the same as others have said, Time = Money, I have not ordered anything from you yet, and one of the reasons is becuase it seems that you are so backed up with so many orders, I will be calling you Wednesday this week to order a Hub adapter and Sprocket, I hope there isn't a huge wait but if there is I'll just wait, It's hard to say how much of a price increase would get the desired effect, without overall sales falling more than you may want but you do offer your parts at a very low cost and to increase this cost by 10-15% or maybe even 20% may help you get caught up by causing some people to have to hold off for a few weeks to save their pennies beore ordering. Just my 2 cents..... Good luck and God Bless! Shan
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