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Default Re: Looking to buy the new M/M head...

Originally Posted by The 26incher View Post
Hey guys, Could we get some feed-back on the new Manic Mechanic head for use on a GT5. I know for $45 you can beat the price but what kind of luck have you guys had with it? Also, would it be better to buy a hotter or cooler spark plug? Where I live it's almost always 75 and sunny. I know I'm going to buy it for the "show" factor but I also want it to "GO!" Any input will help. Thanks
Please don't take offense, but your post reads like I am offering a cylinder head of unknown performance qualities.

I know it's hard to believe, but I physically make these parts from raw blocks of Aluminum. I go to great lengths to ensure that everything I make offers the buyer a real benefit.

There is no "luck" involved, just hard work and testing!

You will likely need a 7 or 8, (NGK), heat range plug depending on how your engine is tuned. The higher the number the colder the plug with NGK. Use 93 octane fuel!

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