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Default Re: My 20's Style Touring Build

If you are brave as ****, you can make a 2 speed "shift kit" for cheap:

Put a mountain or road crankset on the left side, and your regular crankarm on the right (the old square taper style, parts are cheap). Make sure they are the same length, and adjust for pedal symmetry using the bottom bracket cups or washers on the pedal threads. . Run a single gear on the left side, to the motor, with a heavy chain to prevent skipping/slapping.

This will be a permanently motor-assist only setup. You will be forced to pedal with the motor or disengage the clutch/kill engine to stop the pedals, so it would be wise to use really large right side front chainwheels like a 56t and a 48t. At the very least, a 42/52 or 43/53. You can pull the clutch lever to pedal & shift the front crankset on right side. Use a BMX freewheel on the back. Simple enough.

But you will be able to exceed the motor bicycle speed limits in some states as you are pedalling full time, and there is rarely any speed limit for bicycles but what is posted for cars.

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