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Default Re: Extended exhaust mounting?

Originally Posted by bluenosegoat View Post
Doing great! Hows your bike doing? I hope running well! I see you are not liking smelling like 2 stroke mix! Personally I've never really noticed but I'm in construction and work on these bikes daily not to mention my Az allergies! With this pipe exiting just behind the rear tire and pointing straight down to ground I think is about as far away from the exhaust as you can get. I dont know about excessive heat problems because of a long pipe. I have run it over 20 miles one way with a 100lbs in the trailer and never noticed any excessive heat symptoms. I also havent noticed any power loss but the expansioin chamber may have made up for that if there was any. We will what it does in the az heat this summer 91 today so its on the way!
If you need any help welding up some brackets or anything just give me a call!
Alright. Thanks buddy. Bike is great. I love it. I ride it 20 miles a day to and from work.

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