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Default Re: Just starting out, but addicted already!


I appreciate the encouragement. I need it.

You are right about parts fabrication. That's the one thing I am not too scared of. I don't know much about working with aluminum, but I can cut, drill, bend, file and temper steel with the best of em. I can whack out a door hinge or new custom bracket faster than I can drive to Lowes. I didn't do much of that on this bike, because I wasn't even sure what it should look like when I finished and didn't have any idea how important alignment and tolerances were. My next build will be much better as I am not worried now about making a more complex engine mount or replacing the cheap hardware that comes with the engine.

I learned an awful lot about engines by pulling it apart and cleaning it out (following advice I got on this forum). Without the encouragement I got on this site, I would have never had the guts to tear it apart. I have big clumsy blacksmith hands, so small parts freak me out.

I really enjoy riding to work on my current bike and wouldn't want to take it apart. I have had a lot of offers for it already. Everybody who sees it seems to want one. I get a lot of thumbs-up in traffic and I draw a crowd every time I stop. I have already put something like 250 miles on it in 2 weeks. If I build an even cooler bike, I might sell it to help finance this new crack-addiction, but definitely not until I have another (better) ride.

I know myself well enough to know that I simply CAN'T wait until winter to build my next one. Once I am hooked on a project, I tend to be obsessed until I am finished or defeated. Besides, I live near Savannah. We don't do winter here. Winters here are about like Autumn up north...perfect riding weather. I anticipate riding it hard, all year round.

If you guys can recommend an easy bike to convert, I will order everything within the next couple of weeks and start turning a wrench. I guess I should look up and visit a bike shop sometime too.

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