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Red face Re: Just starting out, but addicted already!


Your bike looks great and I love your trailer. That's my next project for next weekend (unless I get a Jackshaft kit in the mail). Is that firewood you are hauling? I assume you are running on the options you suggested. How fast will your bike go without the trailer? What's the difference between the options you suggest and the standard kit?

After reading the installation instructions, it looks like converting my current bike would be more work than starting with a new bike more suitable. I am not completely sure what a 3 piece crank even looks like and my cheap scwinn 7 speed cruiser probably has a weak rear axel and cheap shifters that will break or something. I should probably buy a more suitable bike (so I might as well start with a new engine kit as well.)

The trouble is this: I am a serious and complete Noob. I have never been inside a real bike shop or done more than adjust the brakes on a bike. I got my engine on Amazon because it looked cool and I bought a bike to mount it on at Walmart.

I am an amateur blacksmith and have a ghetto machine shop, but I forge knives, not bikes. (It turned out that none of my many hammers were helpful. I had to buy a set of wrenches). I have never worked on bikes OR gasoline engines. Installing my first kit, I had to sand down the throttle slider inside the carb to make it move freely. This problem was not mentioned in the instructions or anywhere on this forum, so I had no idea if I was ruining it. It turns out that I guessed right and it works, but the point is, I have to learn EVERYTHING as I go. The Jackshaft instructions specify a level of skill that I clearly don't have.

After reading all the horror stories on this site and the intricate work you guys do, I was frankly amazed when my bike finally started up and actually worked. Even now, I suspect I have a mixture problem, but I don't know how to read a sparkplug yet. I have an almost superstitious awe of it and wonder just how much luck was involved in it working so well.

Of course that won't stop me from trying. This is just too cool not to try. But I really need to make it easy on myself and get a bike that will be easy to convert. If you were me, that is, ignorant and thumb-fingered, What bike would you buy for a clean, easy install?

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