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Default Re: Does installing an extended exhaust keep our clothes from smelling?

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
BTW- At least your girlfriend/wife ain't *****en that you come home smelling like a strip joint.
Where do I get that scent? Forget salmon and teryaki, I want StripJoint scented oil! You could start a whole line Joe, GutterDrunk, DirtyScoundrel, BustedGambler... err, uh, oh yeah I guess those are all too similar.

But "seriously" bean oil and gas (in varying ratios, of course; to each their own) has long been the cologne of the 2 stroke tuner.

If you don't like smelling like gas and 2 stroke oil get a 4 stroke. Then you'll only smell like gas!

Sorry, I couldn't help it, I find this scented oil thing to be a bit silly. It's like when people move into DownTown condos and start complaining about the NightLife!

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