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Default how to repaint your bicycle

Do you ever want to repaint your bicycle? heres some tips i learn online:

What you need:
  • Spray paint (your color choice)
  • Masking tape
  • primer
  • plastic bags
  • a open area
  • time
1) NEVER NEVR NEVER REPAINT A VINTAGE BIKE, IT HURTS ITS VALUE., but using the old huffy is ok... just dont repaint a collector's or rare bicycle.

ok now....

1) Strip the frame. I prefure to put the bolts in labled bags.. you may just be able to rember.
2) cover all holes/ bolts that wouldn't come out
3) stuff newspaper in the seat post and headtube. If you dont want to than cover up the openings.
4) find a open are with not much around it. remember, paint can get on stuff besides your bike
5) When spraying, make shure the can is about 6'' away, or you will drip (baad)
6) Prime. Make shure that you get the whole bike.
7) leave it to dry overnight
8) paint your base coat-remember 6'' away
9) let it dry overnight/ a few hours.
10) paint your last coat (note: additional coats might be needed)
11) paint the details.
12) let it dry.

any questions? post here

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