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Default Re: Does installing an extended exhaust keep our clothes from smelling?

Originally Posted by Patr1ck View Post
Recommended by our experts on this forum. I did some reading on this subject in prior posts and have found so many conflicting recommendations. i.e. Amsoil Sabre anywhere from 32:1 to 100:1. I also found conflicting recommendations on the opti 2 stuff also. Im not looking to build a rocket ship but would like to get the longest life out of my engines. Maybe I should start a thread and ask how many miles people have gotten on there engines and what type and mix of oil they use.

Yes, there are many opinions here. I would discard any which are just opinions and stick to the ones which are experiential... ones which are actually based on regular and successful us of a particular oil. What good is an opinion about an oil one has never used? There is no single answer for you at this forum which everyone will agree on. Another poll won't tell you much anything. For example, most of us who use Opti-2 never heard of it until last summer through retmachinest, so even if it was hands above all the rest (not saying it is, now...) how long it has been used successfully is not a true indicator. Compared to say Walmart brand used by somebody else successfully for the past five years and 3,000 miles, Walmart will sound like the superior oil. Not saying that Walmart oil is not good. I have not used it. I can't use all brands and compare them. No one does. Many sincere people have given input on other threads. Once you have read through it all at some point you have to make a decision for yourself and use your best judgment. Some recommendations will be off the wall and I would put Amsoil at 32-1 in that category. Good luck. The perfect oil in an imperfect engine is... well, just pick one that sounds good to you and go with it. You'll be fine.
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