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Default Re: 30MPH!!! Mo' beffah (den yours) pics!!

Not sure exactly. But it's from napa auto parts store. It was like 12$ or something. And I got new fuel line from there too for like a dollar something. The clamps saved the day though. The line has a quick bend in it so there's a lot of pressure on the ends and how they sit on the nozzles. The clamps are "hose clamps"(plumbing section of ace hardware hawaii.). Turning the screw provides never ending tightening till there's no more metal(which is enough to tighten around the smallest of fuel lines). I just had a problem with my float in the carb though. If you have gas leaking out the bottom of your air filter your float is probably jammed or sunk. Mine had the most miniscule crack in it. When I opened my carb it was full of gas and sunk to the bottom. Used "jb weld" epoxy resin on it after I drained it so well see what happens. Let u know.
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