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Default Re: Shift Kit Question

Okay firstly new question... if this crazy three-speed idea doesn't work out than will a 36T sprocket work out in a singlespeed setup? I have a 68.6cc (measured) slanthead with CNS carb and pullstart. Using double headgaskets and slighty smaller-threaded autolite plug to decrease compression a tiny bit so it starts easier with the pull. I don't mind flintstoning a bit when setting off but my ultimate need is a cruising (5000 rpm or less) speed of 35 mph. If the 36t will do this without being impossible to start/stop with it is a good alternative. Thanks for any help here.

Second i am buying the hub (cheaply) tommorow; $25 for a near-new Nexus 3-speed. Looks like it will bolt to the 44t (and maybe even the 36t if this works out) with a little modding, chain alignment with the motor might be annoying but still running one chain is better than many. Also, in case I need pedals I have a spare 44t sprocket to bolt the the right (pedal) side and use as an ultra-low moped type gear for setting off if the clutch is fried, alternative to pushing if it breaks etc. If using the hub as a gearbox for the motor doesn't work that will be the pedal gearbox and the motor will be single-speed hopefully with a 36t.

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