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Default Re: Engine Sprocket Swap

Originally Posted by psprat496 View Post
Ok we'll as you probably know the kit was meant for a #410 chain. I guess the engine sprocket is too small because whenever I roll the bike forward the chain goes onto the sprocket fine but while the chain is coming out of the sprocket is when the teeth on the sprocket keep clipping the side of the chain causing it to "pop" and almost derail.

Hope that helps.
Yes it does...The engine sprocket is not formed correctly! It has nothing to do with 410 chain or 415 chain.

The new kits with "so called" 410 chain really aren't! It is actually a bastard size that they are making for the kits.

415 measures 3/16", (.187") between the chain plates...410 heavy duty measures 1/8", (.125), between the plates.

The bastard measures .155 between the plates.


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