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Default Re: Engine Sprocket Swap

Originally Posted by RedB66 View Post
You should be able to run the 415 on the sprocket. Where is it wanting to derail?

If you do swap the sprocket out..... The woodruff key is going to determine if you can swap them. If the slot in the sprockets are the same then you're in luck. If there is any play I woudn't advise the swap.

You should have a puller tool that came with your kit. Remove the cover, pin and ball. Then thread the puller on. Make sure that it is seated all the way down because the threads will strip very easily.
When the chain is leaving the sprocket. I rolled the bike forward and noticed it would keep wanting to come off the bottom of the sprocket. So what your saying is just remove the pin and ball bearing and then thread the tool on and it should just pop off?
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