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Default Re: Gas pouring out of bottom of air filter. Help.

I found an epoxy resin product called "jb weld" that's supposed to hold up. I just put a nice layer on the entire inner circle, over the two holes I drilled, and along the entire seam where the plastic was joined. Will keep you guys posted if that does the trick. Might have the same problem as bairdco cause I had trouble finding the leak. I could see the area where gas fumes would pour out onto the plastic but as far as getting the gas out it was next to impossible. Hence the two holes drilled. Tried to just get a nice thin coat and the jb weld seamed to do that. It takes a while to harden so after you spread it on it kinda settles and gets a nice even shiny coat. Test run tomorrow. Still would like to order a new one so thanks 2door for the tip on that's Dax

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