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Default Re: Tools of the Trade...suggestions.

Check out my thread ( Tools For Newbies For Custom Builds or Restorations ), Here's the Link for the newby just click here:

I'll say that the cheap Harbor Freight welder's work fine for some of us!

But if you have the money definitely purchase a professional welder!

Here's a Link to welders web huge amount of info about the following welders: WeldingWeb™ - Welding forum for pros and enthusiasts - Powered by vBulletin

Discuss Hobart products...
Discuss Lincoln Electric products...
Discuss Miller Electric products...
Discuss Everlast products....
Harbor Freight
Discuss Harbor Freight products...
Discuss Longevity products....
Discuss Hypertherm products...

I'll say this much for the cheap tools you'll save a ton of money using the HF tools, and if you're budget is limited then start out with the cheap tools, and then upgrade to higher quality tool's!

If you think I'm kidding just checkout Graucho's build Fat Tire Chopper, he built the chopper using a cheap $100.00 90 Amp Harbor Freight Flux-Cored welder, here's the Link to his build Fat Tire Chopper:

Read his post on this build it's post #34 Graucho's Build List Fat Tire Chopper: When I see other peoples builds I always ask myself...."self" where did he get that item? Well, i'm not going to leave anybody out there hang'in with that question. I hope this helps someone if they need a similar part that I have used on my bike. I used to have better tools but I got rid of them when I thought I was getting out of building. (wrong) since, I bought a lot of stuff "on the cheap" and they have worked out just fine. Take care and thanks for your kind words everyone. by graucho

If you are custom fabricating building your bike from scratch, you can build a bike with a 4-1/2" grinder & a cheap 90 amp welder! It's not easy but with practice you'll be surprised what you can build! Checkout the Book: Bikes, Scooters, And Chopper Projects For The Evil Genius by Brad Graham or his website: Atomic Zombie™ Extreme Machines Builder's Forum

Peace Crazy Horse.
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