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Unhappy Re: Engine stalls when Idling

Ok so I check the slide and the cable for smooth operation all looks good,

Take her out for a test run.

At first the idle is high, I adjust the idle screw out wait a few seconds levels off but the old problem returns Idles out and dies.

Disconnect the kill switch no difference.

I spray WD40 on all connections, when i spray the gasket that connects the engine to the intake idle picks up! I am very mixed up I thought that the idle is sopsed to die down? could I have put too much oil in my mix las time i filled up my gallon tank?
so may questions and no answers.

I still think it is a vapor leak but... I cannot see the forest from the trees any more.

I will not use the bike to ride to work until I am sure that this problem is resolved.

AT least Tuesday is Canada day so no work

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