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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Specific Tire

Originally Posted by Elmo View Post
I would love to have a decent tire for my bike. Most are too flimsy. Do not care muck for tubeless though.
Tubes or tubeless can be used, your choice. But the idea is that there is a choice.

The tires will be low tread profile as seen in the above pics. The Schwalbe Big Apple is a true slick and very popular, especially in the 2.35 size with the cargo bike crowd. I think that it is the publics perception that at least a little tread is good that keeps most of the companies using at least some sort of pattern. And in the wet some grooves or siping are proven to enhance performance as they help to dispel moisture from the contact area.

This is not a huge effort, just a reorganizing of existing technology and materials. It is the gateway to a DOT tire though but that designation won't be stamped on the side until the DOT regs are officially met, but this tire should be able to pass them. We just don't want to get involved with them at this time and it is not necessary yet legally to do so.

Thanks to all so far that have responded and voted.

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