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Default Re: Does installing an extended exhaust keep our clothes from smelling?

Originally Posted by Patr1ck View Post
Is the Amsoil Sabre 100:1 mix the recommended mix for our bikes?

Recommended by whom? The Chinese motor manufacturers are recommending mix ratios with other kinds of oil in mind. With Amsoil and Opti 2 they have very different recommendations. Forum members accustomed to regular 2 stroke oil are scared off by "100-1" and I was, too, at first. I used to run the Amsoil at 75 or 80 to 1, now just go with the 100-1 when I use it. If I can find Opti-2 I use that and find it works great in my bikes. I discovered Opti-2 in my local Ace hardware the other day in two sizes, one for one gallon and a larger pack deal for 2.5 gallons. It isn't the most economical way to buy it, but I'm glad to not have to send away for it. I'd say to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer.
Anyway, there are extensive threads on this subject you might want to look up and read through. Lots of opinions and experiences from more informed members than me. Good luck, Pat.
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