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Default Re: 50cc Or The 80cc Aka 70cc??

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
The 50cc revs higher and is said to be smoother....the 70cc is the torquer. The 80cc is a hyped myth.
ok... how you mean revs higher? and i know that there is no such thing as 80cc.. most are 69 cc or close to that ... im 200lbs and the 70 kit i have does a fine job...but here is my plan ... going to leave the one i got like it is (i use it to go to work) i plan on getting me and wife one apiece to jus cruze the back streets here at home,,, 10 to 15 max... she is heaver than me but not alot ... going to go with 44 or 50 tooth sproket... her idea is the slower the better so .... any idea which of the 2 sizes will work for this?... i dont want the motors stalling out at slow speeds is the reason im going with bigger sprokets.... or would a even bigger sproket be better for what im planning??
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