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Default Re: Gas pouring out of bottom of air filter. Help.

Yes, there is a small plastic float inside the carburetor. It is shaped like a little white donut. It floats on the fuel and presses upward on a needle valve which shuts off the flow of fuel into the carb when the bowl is full. As the engine consumes fuel and the level drops the float lowers and allows more fuel to enter. That's an over simplification of the process but essentially that's how it works. If something like a small piece of dirt or crud gets in the way of the needle valve fuel will flow continously causing a flooding condition which usually results in a fuel leak from the carburetor. An out-of-adjustment float level will cause the same thing. A float that has a crack in it and fills with fuel will also cause flooding. You'll need to remove the bowl from the carb to check the float, float level and needle valve. Be careful and don't loose the small parts that you're going to find. Check this and get back to us.
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