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Default Motorized Bicycles in Real Life

As we all know, however we build our bikes from just pushbikes with motors to full lighted shifter builds etc, there are other aspects to life, and it would be great to use these for personal transport rather than just fun.

Well, I need to do that. I can't afford insurance on my Honda bike right now and this build would make great transport akin to a modern moped in performance. I have lights, mirrors, etc and a planned three-speed setup, so those are not issues, but there are still major concerns:

Security: How do you keep your bike from being stolen? Without being able to do grocery runs and such it won't be useful. What security devices, etc would you reccomend? (Right now I have a carbon-fiber combonation lock, or so it says, but more is better in these terms)

Legality: How to keep from being hassled by the cops, apart from being responsible, not too loud, etc.

Travel: I might be going to the UK in a couple years and this is a good alternative to renting a normal motorcycle. Anyone know how to ship it on the plane, ride it on the roads over there, and of course get it back? I was thinking full disassembly of the bike down to the frame including lights and motor, draining the fuel, and bringing a more comprehensive toolkit so it could be put back together once I get there.

Thanks for the help.
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