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Default Re: Gas pouring out of bottom of air filter. Help.

I had that problem at first. When I got the new hose clamps and fuel line it solved that problem. It's definately sealed. This was coming out of the air filter. I took it off yesterday and it was so simply made. I thought to myself "why wouldn't fuel come leaking out this way." it's open just like the other side is that leads to the engine. I just figured when the engine is running it's sucking in fuel and air keeping the fuel from dripping out the other way. But like every other post I made I think I found the answer on someone elses old thread. They're saying it's the float in the carb.I guess there's something I'm not seeing tht floats to shut off fuel when the carb gets full. (?maybe?) They say it can clog or get stuck and I think mine is just the latter. If I find out how to make a link I will.
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