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Default Re: hey thanks for the info i am savi....

hey thanks for the info i am saving all these pictures of your stuff hope you dont mind ? any ways im geting some old junk bike frames . forks frames , ect. and stuff together allready got a wagon years for my garden and lawn mower didnt cost a dime and in good shape.. so im going to try both single wheel and four wheel and hook my bell speedo up , junk frames and such are geting hard to find around here ,,, people are starting to tighten there belts around here ... thinking about makeing a rack on my wagon and put a quick change solor panel on top thats interchangable from each rig ,,, and can be used for my home too... im working on a dynamo engine and stuff too ... i am working on my frame a little at a time have pics up soon i hope ..... later bro !!! o[
Originally Posted by jcchappy View Post
the frame is made of conduit. Like electical conduit from home depot or lows or simular place. most of the frame is 1/2" the neck is 3/4 the brake are in the process of being hooked up although I havent needed them yet. i'm thinking about putting a little friction drive motor on it to pull its own weight.
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