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Default 50cc Or The 80cc Aka 70cc??

HEY GUYS.... im thinking about buying another kit for my wifes soon to be bike .... would like to know the differenve (if any ) between the sizes of motors .. i now have a dax 70cc kit,,, haooy with it rite now ,,, no problems other than the normal things i have read in here (loose nuts.. ect ect ..) any way have heard the 50 has more tork than the 70 .... and the 70 is faster than the 50 .. any one here ever had both that can really tell me the difference ?? and i know the 70 cc and 80 cc kits are smaller ,,,,and to me speed isnt a big thing... going to a bigger sproket on next bike any way... i run a 36 tooth rite now and it goes about 25 or so ay half throttle.... rather get bigger for pulling hills and lsee speed .... so any advice ,,,, experince ... or even close guesses ( ) will help me out ..... i think dax will be geting the order either way .... he has both and so far no problems.... but if one is better for certain things than the other and i need those things i would rather go with that size.... thax in advance guys.. this forum has been really helpful the last month or so with my kit....
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