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Default Nothin but problems ='( (FIXED ZOMG!)

So heres the story,

I have an Electra coaster w/ Grubee Skyhawk 80cc kit and have problems since day 1.

First off, I used to live by the beach, and it ran ok, but vibrated like a mother. It would run lean under wot, i would have to adjust the choke whilst riding to get it to move. The vibrations were so bad it destroyed 2 high quallity mounts.

I moved to 1000ft up, now its runnin super fat, 4 stroking and boggin, NO power and more vibration.

So i was messing with the pet cock, and accidently tore a hole in it, when for a ride anyways, and it was running BUTTER. I have never felt it so smooth, and this was with a broken mount mind you. Not to mention the power, **** was FAST.

Well after about 2min like that, gunk got into the carb, and it ran like ****, overflowing out of the vent hole. SO, i took the carb apart, cleaned it out, made sure it worked well, put the clip on the highest setting, put in a inline filter, tore off the remaining petcock filter, and went for a ride. Now running super fat again.

So i started messing with the float bowl level, trying to get it leaned out, this method sucks, its either way too lean, way to rich, or overflowing.

I really dont know if a smaller main jet would ran so ****ing well for those 2 minutes, i dont know why or how, but it did. i just want it to run like that all the time. Please guys, i have been ****ing with this thing for 6 months, i need some help...thanks for your time

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