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Default Re: Does installing an extended exhaust keep our clothes from smelling?

LOL....this aint a smell good hobbie-sport -whatever you want to call it, but it sure is fun and in my opinion the fun factor out wieghs the smell factor many times over, a little gas on the hands, a little exhaust smell on the rest just makes you feel like you been doing something, my wife complains about the gas smell when I come into the house and says my clothes smell like it too sometimes, but hey thats just part of it when you are playing with stuff like these motorized bikes with the 2 stroke engines that that run on gas/oil mix, it's kinda like riding your weedeater or chainsaw around, you are gonna smell like exhaust reguardless, only way I know to eliminate this would be to go electric or steam power, my advice is just put on a little extra after shave and have fun.....LOL

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