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Originally Posted by psprat496 View Post
Ok I know there are a lot of threads on here about tuning your carburettor and maintaining everything, but I haven't seen one that addresses this specific problem so here it goes. I hit the 350 mile mark on my bike a few days ago and have noticed something weird.

I'll be riding at about 3/4 throttle and if I keep the throttle there for more than 10 seconds the bike will sound like it's "bogging." Not sure if anyone is familiar with what I'm talking about but it the engine runs, and then brrrrrrrrr then it runs smooth again but it goes back to brrrrrrrrr. It's weird and really annoying. Does this mean I have an air leak or something? Maybe the carbs dirty and needs some carb cleaner?

Any ideas?
I am not a professional at these things like alot of guys here, but Mine was bogging running smooth then bogging again like urs. And I did 2 things that I was advised to do from this site... The first one was to apply silicone on the tip of the intake manifold and the carb.. to seal that area because of a crappy connection to prevent airleak, the second thing i did, was instead of turnining the fuel valve on the tank petcock fully open, I only opened it half way, and BAM all bogging was gone... it was like unlimited power riding after being so use to the bogging killin ur speed... The fuel valve thing is frowned on by some here.. So whether its bad for ur engine, I dunno. But it worked for me. Hope it helps, and if im wrong I applogize.. VW
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