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Default newb from New Orleans

Hello to all

My name is Chip Taylor and I live down in the New Orleans area. I came across the forum looking for motor kits. The man I am doing a concrete job for right now has an old tricycle and asked me if I could put a motor on it a couple of days ago. I said sure no problem, I was just joking at first then the wheels in my mind began to turn and I started thinking of a weed eater motor and how I could make it work. I blew it off but today he breaks out some internet pages he had got from the Harley shop and I canít believe it, there is a whole new world out there I never knew existed. I canít remember what site of the kits he had but when I got home this evening I started researching it. I am a retired stock car and drag racer from way back that recently fell back into my previous weakness. My 20 year old son bought a Mustang GT about two years ago and it wasnít three months later I bought myself a Cobra. He started ordering headers, cams, pistons, and all sorts of performance parts and wanted me to build him a motor and thatís when I had a relapse. I thought I had retired from all of the race stuff yearís ago. Anyway Mr. Vernon wants me to build him up one foe his tricycle and said he was going to buy me a kit too, cool. I am new to motor bicycling and it really is cool. I hope to get some help from you guruís and maybe give some input too. I am not new to forums, I had to get up to speed with the mod motors ( OHC & DOHC) they are putting in the late model Mustangs recently due to my relapse and have been hitting those boards hard for the last two year. Anyway this is a nice site and I am glad to be here. I need some help on what motor kits to buy will post questions in the right thread, thanks in advance. Peace.
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