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Default Re: build off (spring)

That quote is out of context BTW - I was primarily referring to the "teamwork" idea being difficult when there were so few potential contestants, the engine mod build off was a compromise I suggested to get enough people for the teams that were wanted at the time.

Chopping/creating frames is a different caliber of build off, evidenced by how (comparatively) few examples we have on the forum - then as now, like I've always said - it's up to you guys.

All that's needed to start a build off is a clear set of parameters, a time limit (however generous), and at least two committed contestants. Once that's sorted and clear (confirm participation & their understanding of rules via PM), just start a new thread in whatever subforum that's appropriate with the rules and contestants outlined clearly in the original post. Staff will ofc moderate as necessary.

If you wish "special consideration" for that thread, like "please no posting unless you're a contestant" or whatever, send a PM off to any staff to make sure it's acceptable and to give us a chance to make suggestions (like making a related thread for non-contestants to post in) and make it clear in the OP (no fair complaining if it's not stated lol) and that's about it
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