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Default Re: Just looking for an opinion from bicycle lovers out there!

page used for example;
....................ADDICTED BICYCLES.................. - Restored Men's Huffy 18 speed Mountain Bike.

Coupla thoughts if ya don't mind 'em, "Huffy" immediately calls to mind "Walmart" which many know a Huffy can be gotten new for less than your asking price. While we know what you're selling isn't a Cranbrook - they don't know the difference, "wow" them with specifics like make and model in the title and throw out as many specifications as possible, weight, number of gears, derailleur brand(s) brake type & brand, wheel size & type, etc. - if ya can find an original ad or site with alla info, grab it. The more correct and relevant info you can provide equates with "attention to detail" and is a selling point for repair/restorations.

While you've taken detail shots of the bike that "has been completely restored" - there's no direct link or album associated with the Huffy you're spotlighting, so it can be confusing when you're looking at the 'Product Page' and the bike in the album is a different color. Part of this may be a limitation of the software, but another thing you can do if you're limited to one pic on the product page is have a shot with a before on one side and an after on the other, requiring photoshop or other photo manip software ofc. The pics are also a lil small, but I'm assuming that's a site limitation.

Other than that it looks far more professional than many I've seen, nice job man!
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