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Default Re: Poll: What is it?

For all practical purposes the pedals on a moped are "useless" this is just fact, example if you live 5 miles from the nearest store and you had a choice to ride a moped that had an engine that wouldn't run or the 10 speed mountain bike sitting right next to it, which would you choose? only a nut job would pick the moped because the pedals are not made for transportation they are mainly just a pedal version of a kick starter and not meant for use beyond that. on the other hand the mountain bike is a "bicycle" designed to be pedaled as for and as fast as you can. I will end my input on this here by just saying that this aint rocket science here, a bicycle with a motor is not a moped it is a bicyle that is motor assisted if you desire, 2 wheels yes, handlebars yes, pedals yes, motor yes, same function NO....! only simular, and I dont care what anyone wants to call it but if you call it a moped in the classic sense that is an incorrect labeling of the bike. It's a BICYCLE....! only my opinion no intention to offend anyone here.... :~}
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