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Default Re: Poll: What is it?

LOL, you've got that right... I think the "useless pedals" descrepancy is largely made up, I have ridden one or two "official" mopeds too and they pedals could get to about 5mph with average pedaling force, (increased of course because you were towing a motor and gas as well). My next build might even be considered a moped to those who believe in the "useless pedals" thing, if it works out with a Nexus and pullstart, the pedals will be just a bump-start formality.

I'm curious whether more purist-oriented bicyclists would rather call these

1- the least different from bicycles (MAPbikes) or

2- the most different (mopeds/motorcycles).

The first to associate with the mods we do, and the second to distance themselves from them.
Motorcycles, Motor-bicycles and bicycles- two wheels and the open air is all I need.
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