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Default Re: Paint not hardening??

chrisE, the way I was told, paint is a three step process.

Spray a light coat first. You can see the primer through the paint. That is the tack coat and it holds the next coat so it doesn't run.

Next coat is the colour coat. You may see a little light/dark variations some places.

The finish coat gives you the final paint job.

The hardest thing I had to learn was that you couldn't do it all in one or two coats and not to pile it on. My nickname when I first started as a kid helping in a body shop and they let me spray primer once in a while, was Curtains. When you look at runs as they cascade down a body panel you will see why. I got very good at shaving runs. One of the best if I say so myself. Lord knows I had lots of practise.

The fact your paint was still soft after 2 weeks is normal if you painted it heavily with enamel. This is why they bake the finish on in body shops that do enamel paint so the hardner kicks off.
Our bikes went through long heated tunnels with air blowing on them so that they could be painted and primed without waiting for them to dry normally.

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