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Default Re: Paint not hardening??

I just sprayed the Monark with acrylic enamel and since it has a hardner in it, there is a definate spray time between coats. All paint should be sprayed at around 70 degrees.
I'm waiting about 3 days before I do anything with mine. I won't even handle it since I have been warned that oil on your hands can affect the finish even after it is sprayed and appears dry.

I think that waxing the paint too soon lets the silicones in the wax attack the paint. Silicone is what causes fish eyes in paint. I can tell you from many sad experiances the sinking feeling that you get from looking back at a perfect pass with a spray gun and watching the fish eyes form as the solvents pull some long forgotten spill up out of the wood.

I am not a professional painter but 40+ years of restoring antique furniture and hanging around friends body shops teaches you enough about spraying and temperatures that finishes work ok in. Heat is a must because a large amount of the drying happens in the first hours after your finished spraying. In this period the solvents in the paint release and kick off the drying process. Not enough heat and the paint breaks down a little as the solvents keep it soft and it never reaches it's correct hardness.

This is why some paints and primers give you a time to recoat or you have to sand the finish if you are going to recoat it. The solvents have gone and the finish has to be sanded to give the new coat a tooth to bond to. Spray it in the given time frame and the new coat melts into the surface of the previous coat.

I was good at sanding and could tape off cars ect. so was always asked to help out when my friends got busy.
Painters are a tough lot since the vehicle is judged by the quality of the paint and there is always a love/hate relationship between bodymen and the painters since if the bodyman doesn't do it right the painter has to send it back and as you can guess that makes waves.
I worked with a painter who was the best I have ever seen. He didn't just spray paint, he knew what the paint did every step of the way until it was dry. That's how I know.

He was spraying his own custom car when one of the bodymen who he fought with all the time walked by the spray booth and stuck a bottle of silicone spray up agaist the filters of the spray booth door and gave it a long, hard blast and hid the can.
The car was a disaster and so was the bodyman when the painter finished with him.

Police looked at the car and never pressed charges. The body man left the state since he couldn't get a job because the word was out.


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