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Default Re: Vintage generator lights will they work?

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
I can't reco a specific bulb 'cause I've not tried them, jus' spent time staring at the selection and wonderin'... then I got Norm's lights heh - but I will be needin' one (three actually) here pretty soon as I've got a 6v gen hub & lights (different bike)... but no bulbs as of yet. So ifn ya find something nice - remember to post it

While fiddlin' around with different bulbs is a worthy cause I still think it's prolly the reflector/lens style bein' more a "flood" than a "spot" that's causing it to seem dim... If it were my ride and a different bulb didn't help - I'd just get a second battery-operated light for those times ya need a high-beam and keep that white wire light on all the time as a safety feature, so ppl can see you *shrug*
I run with a secondary China led battery light $1 (free ship) off Ebay so far they're brighter than the gen headlight.I'm gonna try a few or many different bulbs to see what I can get outta this I'll post something here this evening.Now that you've mentioned the lens style may be causing it to be dim,I think you're right as the beam of the light is not bad but the way it reflects into a big circle onto the road is harsh.Maybe some kind of small mirror inside? I don't know lol.
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