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Default Re: Just looking for an opinion from bicycle lovers out there!

Very cool. An actual invoice looks professional. Not some crazy guy fixing bikes in his garage. (Wait, thats me... snork) Would enjoy seeing them. With our kits, (TS's and mine) is great idea and thanks for sharing. I really had not thought of that or even receipts.

I got so much from this thread! very cool. Your so right about the sharing thing. I think it is human nature and I know big time with me, we tend to think our concepts and thoughts should be held close to further some sort of advantage. But shared, I have the opportunity to have 2 opinions. And mine is usually the lesser. lol

Is 60 out and not a cloud in the sky! Bike ride time!!!!

Have you told your motorized bicycle that you love her lately? hehe, I did yesterday. (she didn't say it back though)
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