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im not going to use it as a side car, im going to keep it a trailer 2 wheeled, i just need to rebuil it so it doesnt have the crappy cloth, and it will be more solid. ill take pictures of the underneath of the trailer in the next couple days, but to try to describe it is the wheels have a rod that go through the side of the frame and a r-key type lock. its is kind of crappy design but it was a cheap trailer from walmart. i dont want to do the side car thing yet for fear of handling issues. but i have seen several post on the side cars and genuinely like the work i have seen.
@silver besr. im not quite ready to try the side car out yet.

@fast eddy, i dont have a welder, but a local place will do any welding i need for the labor fees, but i might be able to use my friends or my uncles depending on their work schedule. right now im still waiting to find the type of wood i want to use.

the trailer is going to be set up for two different ways, one way will be cargo, the other way will have a removeable seat so i can take one of my children with me.
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