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Default Re: Paint not hardening??

It often takes far longer for paint to actually cure then just "dry to the touch" & ready for another coat - I bet ya simply added a few too many coats a lil too fast (time between coats, not types of paint) and perhaps a lil too cold.

It'd been better if ya hadn't waxed it quite yet but it'll be fine, just remember it's still "soft" and be careful with zip/cable ties and stuff 'cause they'll embed into the paint. Just park it in the direct sun and leave it, do the other side the next day - that'll give it a pretty good cure, it'll get better with time

oh right, I use halogen work lights as poor man's heat lamps;

They're cheap and they work really well to set paint. Keep 'em about two feet or more away from the surface so ya don't cook anything heh

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