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Default Paint not hardening??

I recently painted my bike for a new project..
I dissasembled my bike
i sanded it down really good with 80 grit sand paper.
cleaned it good, then primered it. and waited 20 hours or so.
then painted it with Orange Krylon spraypaint.
I did an excellent job painting it, using about 2.5 cans of paint on my frame.
24 hours later i wet sanded it sith 1200 grit sand paper. Cleaned it, then put a few clear
coats on it.... about 20 hours later. The paint job looks nice, but seems kinda weak.
If I use my finger nail and push down on it it will make an endension in the paint...
I dont have an oven for it or anything... and it is about 50 degrees here.. maybe thats it?
How can I make the paint harden? OH, I just put wax on it a few minutes ago to make it shinier.. hoping that it will protect a little.... So does anyone know how to make the paint harden? thanks.
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