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Cool Busted rear wheel replaced

Got the new rear wheel back on, the sprocket and chain back on without the master link (two more busted knuckles mounting the sprocket - think busted knuckles and greased stained fingers will be my look from now on) and took her out for a spin. Seems fine. Stayed in the neighborhood but did about three miles with some short high speed runs and all OK.

Speaking of high speed runs has anybody ever locked up the back tire at 30 MPH? Ever since the chain came off and locked the back tire on my bike I can't seem to quit thinking of it happening at full speed. Is going over the handlebars automatic??? Well no guts no glory!!

Mounted my mirror and the dual pull brake lever. Only the clutch and one brake lever mounted now. Also discovered the muffler baffle screw was gone. Wired it. (Spent a lot of time working on farms growing up so am really proficient in baling wire repair.) And the front of the chain guard had cracked through. Gonna have to fab a replacement mount for the front of the chain guard.

Thought I would post some pics of the engine mount extension I made. The extensions are made from 3/8" tension pins I found at Home Depot. They fit very snug over the 6mm stock bolts (had to drive them through with hammer tight) and are super hard. I think this may be a reasonable alternative to drilling a hole in the frame for the front motor mount adapter. I liked it because the tubes on the Jaguar fit in the motor mounts so did not need adapter just needed an inch to reach the back tube. So far this mount has been rock solid but to early to tell.

The drawback was that I had to bend the muffler to clear the front tube and might not have had to do that if the motor was back another inch. Read someone say that you could bend the muffler pretty easy but I couldn't but I am pretty limited on tools. Ended up flattening the muffler tube a little with a hammer to get it to bolt up so probably hurt my performance a little. (Not to mention it is a little ugly - but it works) Will order a new muffler when I can get my hands on a torch and a vise.

Here is a link to a 41 pitch 10 tooth Idler with bearing and 3/8" mounting hole I found online. Got the idea from another forum but I am thinking of trying to replace the tension roller with this idler. ?? Goes on a go kart. I think this would get rid of that chain bump over the roller and be a little more efficient if it works. Anybody tried it?

#41 10T Idler

OK I am going to take "Rafter" on a 14 mile round trip today to check out the chain. (Rafter was Paladin's horse on the Paladin tv show. I think most of you regulars here are old enough to remember the Paladin tv show. I have a picture of me getting a Paladin gun set for my birthday. "Have gun will travel" Had to research the Internet to find out what his horse's name was. Don't know why you would name a horse Rafter but that's what it was.) So off I go on Rafter in search of damsels in distress and bad guys to foil. My 70 year old landlady loves my bike and promises to come get me when I break down. Bless her heart.

P.S. Check out the new seat. It's called the "Big Wide" (They named it after my ass??) and is supposed to be the biggest and the cushiest you can get. It is comfortable.

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