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Default 30MPH!!! Mo' beffah (den yours) pics!!

Finally got her broken in and tuned up. Lot of kinks worked out....and I'm sure a lot more. But for now it's good to be where it's at. Just hit 30 finally when i opened her up on a slight incline. It almost seems to work better going slight uphill. It keeps constant drive. Here's some new pics. New fuel line clamps. Work AWesome! Used hose clamps from hardware Hawaii. The plumbing section. Tigtened the carb hose thing that comes from the engine. Was rattling a bunch and making gas leak from the air filter. I think that was messing with the fuel line clamps before too. Anyways here she is.

new fuel line clamps, filter and line. Built a custom mount for the engine for the front frame bar.

raised the fenders so it has a lot of clearance just for safety. They were really low at first.

made a new muffler clamp out of hole strip metal. Forms to the frame and muffler nicely. All in all pretty stoked on the build.

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