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Default Re: Would you be willing to pay $400...

I voted NO becuase I'm like fakeplay in that I just want a fun toy to play with and cruise around on, I can build 2 bikes with the 2 stroke china vibe~~~~~~!engine and on a good day with a real cheap set of bikes from yard sale or something I could have 3 bikes for $400
When I get ready for the 4 stroke bike I have in mind I will be using a Honda clone 6.5HP engine that I built that is putting out somewhere in the 13-14 HP range and those engines stock will run you about $109.00 - $129.99 @ Harbor Freight Tools, a little fabrication and BAM....! you will have a wicked 4stroke bike set up that will run circles around any of the other 4stroke kits I've seen.....

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