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Blakenstein gibberish... *shrug*

Originally Posted by uni_vision_tech1 View Post
Thank you fairracing31!

Nougat, I'll have to do some more research into electric motors if it is 20mph and lower... now can I exceed 20mph if the motor is gasoline powered? Say... 49cc? And once everything is situated, I'd gladly take you up on your offer . K-County is right next door.

Blakenstein, if I were really stubborn would I still be able to keep all my gears? (In case I'd run out of gas/juice and had to pedal-power myself back home?)
You outa be able to keep all your gears no matter the build, they do come in handy frm time to time

We've got a similar "cannot exceed 20mph" rule in Maine BTW, we all pretty much view it as a speed limit as there's no real way to limit even a regular, pedal powered bike so it "cannot exceed 20mph"

... yer call tho
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