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Default Re: Hi from IL

First of all' I'm gona tell u somin if that ever happens to me that a cop stops me and calss me son , I HOPE ythat he is at least 90 .

Your not tyinn to show them hoew fast u can go are u?????

Hmmmmm...I hope not . For your sake

And dummy up a bitt dude!!!!!!!

First of all u got a 3 ring in the front!!!! Did u forget about those??????

If u amazingly disscover someday and you are overwhelm with the mirrrrraaaacuuuualllllllllll!!!!!!!!!! OHhhhhhhh its a mirrricale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "There's gear up hear " The front rings just did not just suddenly apear from heeeeaaaalll right outa nowhere..

Dummy it up #3

But seriously dude : These ADDEDD MOTORS Have alot of weight specailly ad that to the 200 lbs of fat that my bike has to carry ,,,,,,

I HAVE NO USE FOR ALL THOSE HHHIIIIGH GEARS ON my rear caaaassssseesteeee...
Specialy when I am goin up hillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllll And then ther is wind factor

SSSOOO IIIIIIIIII dont use my 8 ring anymore stick with five and lock out the rear
derailer from the override and there it its

Also on my Hopper system ....MOUNT system only,.......I neeeeeeed all the centering I can get!!!!!!Wit my rear ackle so its a double Mongo for me and its in the net.
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