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Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
I am writing this as a reminder/warning to anyone experiencing a problem with your bike.

I know a lot of help is available here, and most of it is well meant and accurate, BUT beware of being bombarded by too much info, wrong info, and info that doesn't really (or at all) pertain to your problem.

I have read several threads where the "advice" gets so far off track that the original poster is lost in the ensuing storm.

"My bike won't run." Then comes the 946 suggestions to fix it and check it, some are close, some are so far out in left field it's hilarious!

ANY time you are working on your bike, do ONE THING AT A TIME, then check for results.

You should have, or aquire basic knowledge of the workings of the internal combustion process in general, and the workings of your bike in particular.

If it won't go.....first think back on the last time it ran- was it "acting up" or did your problem just "magicly appear"? That's half the battle. Then check for spark, fuel flow ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE ENGINE, and compression.

You need only 4 THINGS to make an engine run-

Fuel- (good clean fresh fuel with the right mix of oil, not "I poured in about enough then a little more to be sure).
Air- Make sure your air cleaner element is fairly clean and that there is no other restrictions.
The dreaded "air leak" also falls under this category...(which is actually a vacuum leak) and if it's sucking in air in the wrong place, it's not going to draw the right way through the carb where it should be drawing from.
Spark- (AT THE RIGHT TIME) check your spark with the plug grounded to the head, there should be no doubt whether you have spark or not, it will be orange to blue and fairly consistant. Sometimes it's at the wrong time due to a sheared or missing woodruff key.
Compression- if you pedal and drop the clutch and you can feel the "bub bub bub" of the engine turning over, and it is hard to pedal, chances are you have enough...our two stroke engines only have about 6-6.5:1 compression, so you don't need a wheel locking boatload of it.

Finally, make sure when you drop the clutch, the rear wheel is actually turning the engine over...sometimes with some people/bikes/ect. there is a dragging like the brakes were applied but no "bub bub bub", that's a slipping clutch and with that, you won't get any of the 4 things needed to run your engine.

Have fun, life is short and you don't want your hobby being a pain in the you-know-what.
well said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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