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Default Re: newb gas ratio question

Originally Posted by Drewd View Post
Not another oil thread. 32 to 40:1 are good ratios regardless of oil. 100:1 Amsoil not recommended in this application due to HT engine poor quality, fit, and history.
Aside from disagreeing with your advice I would also take issue with the idea that topics once discussed should be done with. I may skip threads which I have no interest in or which I feel confident I already know about, but there are others who are interested and may also be new to the forum and new to motorbicycles. Things like oil mix and chain tensioners are of vital interest when you are a newbie. Those of us who have been around for awhile may feel like that territory has been completely covered and the information persoanlly well digested... and then discover something new we hadn't taken into account. I recall when retmachinest first mentioned opti-1 how many outcries there were from we "experts". I was, too, and had settled on Amsoil Sabre as the answer for me. Now look at how many of the former skeptics and experts are using opti 1, including myself, and I'm thankful for that thread and the information there. It is good to research old posts, but this forum is a living, breathing thing which changes every day with new people, new information, and new points of view on old subjects.
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